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Reporting has just recently become a large request with a number of sites that I market. Clients enjoy knowing how many visitors or the number of conversions their site receives. When the first requests started arriving in my email box, I figured I would address each email with custom researched data and provide the data in the body of my email. Since then, I have wised up and started using Google Analytics automated reporting feature to send reports to clients and myself on a consistent basis. This removes the element of human error and allows the client to be more involved in the data.


How do you use the automated reporting feature in Google Analytics?
Automated reporting is very simple to setup and you have the ability to automate any report in GA. To start an automated report just simply click on the “Email” button at the top of any report. (See the example below)Once you select a report to automate (by clicking the “email” button), then you will need to select the frequency. GA gives you the option to send the report immediately or schedule reports to be sent daily, weekly, quarterly or monthly. In addition you can even have the report compare data to the previous equivalent time frame. Automating your reports saves time and provides a more efficient way to monitor site health.

In my next post, we will discuss KPI metrics you should frequently monitor.

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